Can't forget

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Getting on for two years now. Soon it'll be mid-winter again. These memories have a quality of age upon them, now. But I don't think they'll ever fade.

This night, back then, we sat, watched fireworks over the town. I can still see those stars sparkle in your eyes. Even though it seems like it happened in another world.

I remember like I'm still there. Part of me probably always will be. A misty shade haunting the passages of our time. "Love woz 'ere" scrawled on the walls of reality.

Snowing through the broken glass, onto the bedroom floor. My tears fell there last year. Cold tears, cold snow. It's getting cold again, and I hope I can cope this time.

Y'know, your name still makes me startle. I see your shape, here and there. The body of my heart, packed away in a thin paper packet of photographs.

Nothing I can say could say what I mean to say. It's futile. And it saddens me, that when I die, this intensity will be lost. Seems like no-one could ever know this love.

But there just aren't any words I can put upon you. No-one can get inside my heart and touch what this was. No metaphor can make the grade.

I scream inside when I think about it all. Sitting in dark, cold silence. I almost daren't remember you for fear of my own feelings. And, I don't think I can write any more.

But I can't forget.